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The Board is aware that sustainability encompasses more than just health and safety, compliance and quality aspects, it also requires the formulation of strategies to promote environment, social, economic and corporate governance issues that will add shareholders value and build brand loyalty.

The Company has a policy to introduce wherever possible work practices, manufacturing processes and substitution of raw materials with environmental friendly alternatives. As aapproved supplier to a large high profile US multinational company who is a member of Global Social Compliance program that have stringent ethical sourcing practices, the manufacturing operationsis automatically roped into their sustainability initiatives and has consistently passed their zero tolerance suppliers assessments. Theoperations continuously collaborate with the customer to promote the continuous improvement to environmental and working condition in the global supply chain. These include the use of environmentally friendly zero emission fiber boards and recycled materials such as railway sleepers to reduce the carbon footprint.The Company observes the requirements of relevant environmental legislations and regulations as well as establishing objectives and targets in regards to reducing and recycling of waste, developing of environmental friendly products and services as well as purchasing of environmental friendly materials, items and commodities.

Despite limited finance and human resources, the Company endeavor to do it part as a responsible corporate citizen by giving back to the communities by way of supporting events promoting various social causes. The Company also seeks to assist the less fortunate by contributions to charitable organization. In this regard the Company has during the year participatedin Starbucks Malaysia's PusatKomputerKomunitiKampong Lubuk Jaya by donating furniture and air-condition units to the center.

The Company believes that employees being the valuable assets need to be provided with the necessary training and development to enhance their skill and knowledge. In this respect, employees are nominated to attend a wide variety of training programme that will enable them to upgrade themselves.

As a company with more than 50 years proven track record, the Company believe that it has the skill set and reputation to give it the edge in the business segments that it currently operates in. The Company's economic sustainability strategy is to build on its strength as a high-quality niche casework and commercial fixtures for multinational retail chains with processes that aim to reduce waste of resources and energy. Using the unique modular and pre-fabrication concept the Company has been successful in transferring this skill set from the manufacturing factory to fit-out work carried out on sites that has the advantage of saving time and labour on site while increasing consistency of final product.This has put the Company at the forefront vis-a-vis competitors when dealing with customers that adopt sustainability in their business ethics especially multi-national companies from developed countries.

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